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Oklahoma Weekly O&G Report – May 30, 2017

Oseberg generated the following weekly report, which covers activity in Oklahoma for the week of May 30, 2017. This is a 30 day lookback, which we update every week.

Who were the biggest movers in activity this week?

  • EOG made the biggest push in leasing adding 63 leases in the last week pushing their 30 day total well over 200. All the leases were taken in the same county, if you would like to see where, call us for a demo!

  • Continental added the most spacings with 17 in the last week pushing their 30 day total to 56!

  • Canyon Creek gets in on the action with 5 poolings.

  • Circle 9 Resources made a jump in Intents with 5 but Newfield continues to lead the field with 11 more last week to double their monthly total to 22.

  • We continue to see a lot of leasing and other activity in and around Hughes county.

Want to dig into this data more or see exactly what is going on here? Get daily alerts for pluggings and all of the data Oseberg provides with Sol.

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