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Oklahoma Weekly O&G Report – 12/12/2017

Last week, we promised you a Christmas wish list for Atla: grab your egg nog, and enjoy our good tidings of major upgrades we’ve released over the past year or are about to release. And Clark, we put something really nice on there for you.

  • Major improvements to speed, performance & stability – you can now query data significantly faster!
  • The introduction of WhiteStar Grid™ data in Atla allowing for greater cartographic accuracy and precision.
  • Atla now can handle much more data than previously. Users are able to easily query and return up to 8x more data in the app.
  • Filtering and sorting in the grid are drastically improved. Currently in beta but soon to be released will be a lease pre-filter that allows users to filter by lease, assignments, extensions and mineral deeds.
  • We’ve made several user experience enhancements to help users avoid slowing down the application unnecessarily. For example, Atla will load even faster upon re-opening.
  • Grid description enhancements in Atla show users the date, time, and AOI of your query.
  • Export enhancements: shapefile exports are faster, and the user has the option to limit the attribute set to either an essential group of columns or all active columns. Also, we have included better naming of shapefile exports.

For a demo of some of these exciting new features in action, please don’t hesitate to contact us at sales@oseberg.io.

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