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Oklahoma Weekly O&G Report – June 12, 2017

Predictive analytics is a buzzword topic right now…here is an example of predictive analytics using Oseberg’s data: How often does a spacing lead to a permit? We ran the numbers on the top 15 operators in OK over a 5 year period and found that a spacing leads to a permit 82% of the time!

Other notable activity this week:

  • Look out for a ton of Continental drilling activity in the gas heavy portion of the western STACK in southern Blaine, NE Custer, and SE Dewey counties as they come big with 76 new spacings!
  • Oklahoma Energy Acquisitions (Alta Mesa) ramps up their output in the STACK with 10 new Intents last week to bring their 30 day total to 15.
  • Chesapeake focuses on infield drilling with 11 Increased Densities in Major, Blaine, Kingfisher, and Woodward counties.

Want to dig into this data more or see exactly what is going on here? Get daily alerts for pluggings and all of the data Oseberg provides with Sol.

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