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Oklahoma Weekly O&G Report – June 6, 2017

Oseberg generated the following weekly report, which covers activity in Oklahoma for the week of June 6, 2017. This is a 30 day lookback, which we update every week.

For this week, we are focusing on the Oklahoma Transfer of Operator (Form 1073).This is an incredibly valuable filing to track, and Oseberg is your only source to monitor this activity and see it mapped.

Why is the OK Transfer of Operator form so valuable? Most people read the press releases and A&D newswire to monitor acquisitions; that is great for seeing bigger players tout what they want you to see, but how about the thousands of smaller acquisitions that happen in Oklahoma? Wouldn’t it be valuable to see who is buying what and where? All three data points (who, what, and where) can tell a story. We’ll highlight just one story this week:

  • There seems to be something more than tumbleweeds in the Oklahoma panhandle! We noted a big Merit acquisition a few weeks ago and now we see another BIG transfer of wells.
  • Foundation Energy Management, an institutionally backed, privately held company based in Dallas acquired 492 wells from Chesapeake located mainly in the panhandle.

We also saw the 264 leases in Harper county get assigned to Foundation this week. Want to see more examples of stories told by the OK Transfer of Operator form? Fill out the contact form on the left.

Want to dig into this data more or see exactly what is going on here? Get daily alerts for pluggings and all of the data Oseberg provides with Sol.

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