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Oklahoma Weekly O&G Report October 3, 2017

Did you visit the fortune teller at the great state fair of Oklahoma last month? We didn’t but we are getting out our crystal ball today:

Leasing Trends

Where have the leases been trending in Oklahoma? When looking at the density of leases from the choropleth map from the report (below), notice the hotspots northwest of the STACK, in the Arkoma, and in Stephens counties. We mapped the leases in our Atla product for the last 6 months to visualize the trend over time:

Spacing & Pooling Trends

Now grab a corn dog and a deep-fried Snickers and watch spacings and poolings over the same 6 month period. These give a highly predictable picture of where drilling will happen soon.

We are happy to guess your weight too but mom says that is rude.

Bonus- Corterra Resources is the Winner!

Remember last week when we mentioned that 32,500 acre divestiture in the Arkoma Continental Resources made in late August? We wondered if it was one of the companies we highlighted who have been all over the “Arkoma STACK”… Well our suspicions were correct. Corterra Resources closed on this last Friday pushing them up over 70,000 acres in what seems to be the hottest play in Oklahoma.

Want to dig into this data more or see exactly what is going on here? Get daily alerts for pluggings and all of the data Oseberg provides with Sol.

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