Oklahoma Permits is a look across the three main plays in Oklahoma, the Stack, Scoop and Arkoma plays. This data covers a rolling 24 months.  This is an “interactive” dashboard. You can filter down to set parameters by clicking on the “Blue” buttons at the top of the dashboards, filtering down to specific plays and wellbore profiles. You can also use the “pulldown” menus to filter, as well as incorporating the wildcard inputs “Formations” or “Operator” to filter down for specific formations and/or operators. Use your mouse to hover over any of the data displayed, where you can then also click to filter down to a subset of the data, and then click it again to unselect. You can always refresh the page to reset all filters.

The data in this dashboard is provided by Oseberg, a next-generation oil & gas information and data analytics company that offers a compelling new approach to rapidly convert public regulatory and county-level data into actionable intelligence. Oseberg aggregates the most inaccessible state, federal, and county records and delivers them to its users through a suite of all-encompassing B2B SaaS products. Oseberg’s technology reduces weeks and months of work to days and hours, empowering users to rapidly uncover leasing, drilling, enhanced completion, and acquisition opportunities. Try it for free today: Sign Up


Permit Activity in Oklahoma Last 12 Months from Oseberg.

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