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Who Will Win the Race Between CLR & NFX?


Regulatory filings made with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) are a good way to measure the pace of drilling and development in Oklahoma. Spacing and pooling applications along with permits and completions point the way to the most active operators and where they are conducting operations. We reviewed all of these from both an operator and county perspective. It is apparent that the majority of the activity is being conducted by the major players in the counties located in the STACK and SCOOP. The Arkoma Basin remains active as well, with Coal and Hughes Counties showing quite a bit of regulatory filings for the year.

With only 39 days remaining until the end of 2016, we are taking a look at these metrics for the year so far. We did combine the numbers from Felix Energy into Devon Energy and Payrock Energy into Marathon Oil.

SPACINGS – Winners – CLR and Kingfisher County


We reviewed this group first and are showing you all of the operators with ten or more Final Spacing Orders for the year. This category comes in the closest with CLR holding a slim lead over NFX. Marathon Oil, Oklahoma Energy Acquisitions and Bravo round out the top five.


We surveyed this category by counties and are showing the top counties with 20 or more Final Spacing Orders. Kingfisher has a solid first place lead with Blaine, Grady, Canadian and McClain Counties completing the top five.

POOLINGS – Winners – NFX and Kingfisher County


In looking at Final Forced Pooling Orders, Newfield Exploration (NFX) has a pretty commanding lead over Continental Resources (CLR). Rounding out the top five are Oklahoma Energy Acquisitions, Citizen Energy, and Marathon Oil.


From a county perspective, the counties located in the STACKand SCOOP plays are contributing the highest counts of Final Pooling Orders. Kingfisher leads the top five counties with an insurmountable lead, followed by Blaine, Grady, Canadian, and McClain Counties.



We reviewed pooling terms for these top five counties to bring you the highest bonus prices represented in each county. Kingfisher was the clear leader in this category as well.

PERMITS – Winners – CLR and Kingfisher County

CLR leads NFX by 30 permits here and probably will remain ahead. Oklahoma Energy Acquisitions, Marathon Oil, and Devon Energy finish the top five out. The top counties are similar to the other categories with Kingfisher on top followed by Blaine, Grady, and Canadian. However, Hughes Countyrounds out the top five, with a solid fifth place showing.



COMPLETIONS – Winners – CLR and Kingfisher County

A super tight category here with some different players showing up in the top five. CLR is beating NFX by a nose, 69-68. Chesapeake Energy, Petroquest Energy, and MidStates Petroleum round out the top five.

Again, a shakeup in the county view with Kingfisher, Grady, and Blaine coming in 1-2-3, but Woods and Hughes Counties round out the top five.



The Winner Is…..

A very tight race for sure, but Continental Resources and Kingfisher County are leading headed into the end of the year and will most likely cross the finish line as the winners.



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