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Energy Industry Leads in Environmental Safeguards

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By: Bob Campbell – Odessa American – With its world-class display of new oil and natural gas technology the 2023 Permian Basin International Oil Show should help restore some rationality to the nation’s and world’s view of the energy industry.

That’s according to State Rep. Brooks Landgraf and leaders of the Texas Oil & Gas, Permian Basin Petroleum, and Texas Independent Producers & Royalty Owners associations, who say the industry is way ahead of the curve not only in production techniques but also in protecting the environment.

“As a state representative of this great region I am always proud to witness the Permian Basin International Oil Show,” said Landgraf, an Odessa Republican who chairs the Texas House Committee on Environmental Regulation in Austin.

The Permian Basin, often referred to as the energy capital of the world, has been at the heart of America’s energy production for decades and this show emphasizes our region’s dedication to remaining a global leader,” he said. “It not only underscores the importance of the energy sector to our local and national economies, it also highlights our commitment to responsible and sustainable energy production.”

Landgraf said the biennial Oct. 17-19 exhibition at the Ector County Coliseum will demonstrate the industry’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancement.

Mineral Rights“From innovative drilling techniques to environmental stewardship the industry has consistently adapted to evolving challenges and opportunities,” he said. “I look forward to seeing the groundbreaking technologies and collaborations on display this year and I’m confident they will pave the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for our industry and community.”

TXOGA President Todd Staples said from Austin that today’s oil and natural gas companies are leaders in innovation and are pioneering technological breakthroughs.

“As the world increasingly takes a critical view of energy sources it is important that our Texas companies continue to lead not only in resource development but also in the development and deployment of newer solutions that demonstrate our commitment to proper water stewardship and environmental progress,” Staples said.

“The oil and natural gas industry is cleaner, stronger, and better than ever and it has a great story to tell of improving the quality of life domestically and across the globe. We welcome and encourage a rational conversation about our energy future.”

PBPA Executive Vice President Stephen Robertson said energy leaders with decades of experience around the world had told him there was a time when innovations were led by efforts offshore or in international locations.

“However, in the past two decades during a time when production from the Permian Basin quintupled it now appears most of the leading innovations that change our industry are coming from the crucible that is the Permian Basin,” Robertson said.

“These innovations help to improve the safety, efficiency, and reliability of our operations and they set a standard for those around the world to follow. The Permian Basin International Oil Show is the showcase of these technological innovations and it is a great opportunity for those in and out of the Basin to learn what makes the most prolific producing region in North America tick.”

TIPRO President Ed Longanecker said from Austin that naysayers have been falsely projecting the end of fossil fuels.

“In reality, the future of oil and gas is quite bright and incredibly important, especially in the Permian Basin,” Longanecker said. “The history of the industry is a story of constant transformation, evolution, and innovation and no basin has so exemplified this story as much as the Permian.

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“Looking to the future the Permian serves as a perfect backdrop of the next era of oil and gas production.”

Longanecker said the oil show “has been an incredibly important venue to exhibit the latest technology, equipment, and drilling best practices for our ever-evolving industry and it is the premier event to facilitate an exchange of ideas and business connections in the heart of the Texas oil patch.

“The Permian Basin remains one of the most prolific oil and gas basins in the world,” he said. “Total Texas production on a barrel of oil equivalent basis is about 32 percent of total U.S. production and the Basin accounts for 28 percent, 71 percent of which comes from the Texas side.

“Permian oil and gas production is critical for meeting the growing demand in the United States as well as providing energy for our allies and trade partners around the world.”

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