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Don’t wait on politicians, economic circumstances, or the dartboard of development to dictate your financial security.

Estate Planning

Although leaving mineral rights and royalties to your heirs may sound like the best solution, after being divided several times, the actual cash flow that your heirs may receive is minimal. Clean up your estate and save your heirs from the probate and title transfer process.

Better Use of Capital

Apply the lump sum toward important family priorities, such as college expenses, a home improvement project, retirement, or perhaps even a much-needed family vacation.

Eliminate Uncertainty

Eliminate the uncertainty of fluctuating royalty payments. Many owners only have mineral interests in one or two areas of an active play, or outside of the active play altogether. This puts you at the mercy of the “dartboard of development”. Manage your risk by selling your mineral interests and invest in safer investments or 1031 Exchange.

Eliminate Paying Taxes on Small Royalties

Mineral rights owners can be subject to a number of annoying and burdensome tax requirements. Eliminate this expense and accounting headache by divesting your mineral interests.

I'm Tired of All the Record Keeping and Paperwork

Paperwork, accounting, administration and management of your mineral assets can be tiresome and confusing. Trading your mineral interests for a lump sum payment dramatically simplifies estate planning and trust management, allowing you to spend your time more productively.

Pay off Debt

Many mineral owners use the sale proceeds to pay off debt, such as high-interest credit card balances, medical bills, a mortgage, or a car loan.

- D. Esposito
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“As a senior citizen, I live on a fixed income, and the sale of these minerals will help me secure these costs. My children were planning to sell them anyway.
- R. Williams
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“As a senior citizen, I live on a fixed income, and the sale of these minerals will help me secure these costs. My children were planning to sell them anyway.
– J. Mayfield
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“The production income from my minerals has lasted for 20 years, but continues to decline. I was worried that once the wells were plugged, the value would be significantly lower. At my age, I decided to take the money now.”
– S. Rubins
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“I am in my 30’s and inherited these mineral rights, but don't want to be involved with fracking and fossil fuels. I decided to support renewable energy and do my part to reverse climate change.”
– M. Caruso
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“2020 has been a nightmare. I lost my job because of the COVID-19 lockdown, and I needed the money. I'm so grateful to have been able to sell my minerals to get me through this rough time.”
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