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If you are new to owning mineral rights, you’re probably overwhelmed. Determining how much your minerals are worth and what your options are is a complicated matter. That’s why we created this FREE E-Book – to help mineral owners quickly get a handle on the most important concepts in ownership.

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Each week Gib Knight and Zac Frazier, industry veterans and experts, produce valuable insights about the mineral rights and oil industry and they deliver those insights directly to your inbox at no charge.

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Gib Knight

A 40 year veteran of the oil industry, Gib’s background is in land and legal. As an oil and gas investor and mineral owner, his expertise covers all aspects of acquisitions and divestures with a deep understanding of Oklahoma and Texas oil and gas laws and regulations.

In addition to managing his own investments, he provides a range of consulting services for partnerships, trusts, corporations, and individuals whose mineral asset portfolio consists of oil and gas mineral rights, oil and gas leases, non-operated working interests, royalty interests, net profit interests, and overriding royalties.

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Zac Frazier

As a 20 year veteran of the oil and gas industry, Zac specializes in the acquisition and divestiture of oil and gas assets. Zac has a long history of managing lease, mineral, and site acquisition teams for and alongside top tier operators such as Conoco Phillips, Oxy, Chesapeake, and Continental Resources.

As a mineral owner, investor, and third generation landman, Zac is able to draw on the generations of experience passed unto him by his grandfather, father, and current mentors to better enable and advise clients in the A&D oil and gas marketplace.

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