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LoneSTAR Simplifies Compliance for Texas Operators

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This week marks a significant technological milestone at the Railroad Commission of Texas with the launch of State Tracking and Reporting (LoneSTAR). This project enhances agency efficiencies, benefiting both oil and gas operators and RRC staff by saving time and resources.

The first release of LoneSTAR enables operators to file Form P-5 online, a requirement for becoming or renewing as an oil or gas operator or pipeline operator in Texas. Additionally, operators can now submit other associated forms online, including Form W-3C for Certification of Surface Equipment Removal for an Inactive Well, and Form W-3X for an Extension of Deadline for Plugging an Inactive Well.

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LoneSTAR allows operators to monitor the P-5 approval process online, address compliance issues in real-time, and access records digitally. This transition reduces the extensive paperwork previously required and streamlines the review process for RRC staff.

Mineral Rights“Overhauling the IT system at the Railroad Commission has been a top priority for me since I was first elected,” stated RRC Chairman Christi Craddick. “The LoneSTAR launch marks a significant advancement in how the agency interacts with operators. It will enhance our ability to prioritize health and safety for all Texans and the environment while ensuring the state’s economic powerhouse can continue to thrive.”

RRC Commissioner Wayne Christian added, “LoneSTAR modernizes Texas’ information technology, allowing producers to spend less time on bureaucratic forms and more time drilling for the reliable energy our state, nation, and world need. The Commission is recognized globally as a leader in energy regulation, and I aim to ensure it retains that reputation by minimizing the regulatory burden on producers and building a 21st-century agency that’s the envy of the world. I want to congratulate and thank all the RRC staff who worked diligently on this project.”

Commissioner Jim Wright highlighted the project’s impact on efficiency, stating, “Innovation spurred the shale revolution, but efficient operations ultimately made America the leading energy producer globally. The launch of LoneSTAR will not only improve our effectiveness at the Railroad Commission but also reduce the paperwork burden for Texas energy producers, allowing for greater efficiency in their daily operations.”

In summary, LoneSTAR represents a major step forward in modernizing the Railroad Commission’s processes, significantly benefiting the oil and gas industry by reducing administrative tasks and enhancing operational efficiency.

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