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Garvin County’s newest producers

Garvin County OK

Oklahoma’s Garvin County is the site of four new wells including three from a single pad with the production of more than 1,800 barrels of oil a day.

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The three wells were drilled by Marathon Oil Company of Houston at 15 3N 4W, a site near the community of Purdy. The largest producer, the Eubank 0304 4-10-3wxh, had production of 912 barrels of oil a day and 2,976 Mcf of natural gas from a depth of 23,955 feet in the Woodford formation. It was completed Feb. 16, 2022 after a November 2019 spud date.

The Eubank 0304 5-10-3wxh produced 624 barrels of oil a day and 2,064 Mcf of natural gas from 23,945 feet deep when completed Feb. 18, 2022. It also had a November 2019 spud date according to its completion report.

The third well, the Eubank 0304 2-10-3wxh, produced 288  barrels of oil a day and 2,888 Mcf of natural gas. Drilled depth, according to the completion report was 23,810 feet upon Feb. 11, 2022. The well was also spudded in November 2019.

Combined production from all three Eubank wells was 1,824 barrels of oil a day and 7,028 Mcf of natural gas.

The fourth Garvin County well was completed by Continental Resources Inc. The Rcl 3-19-30-31xhw, located at 19 3N 4W west of Purdy was completed on March 15, 2022 with the production of 144 barrels of oil a day and 3,364 Mcf of natural gas. Drilled depth was 29,356 feet in the Woodford formation. It was spudded in September of 2021.

Source: OK Energy Today


Garvin County History

Beginning in the 1920’s oil & gas exploration occurred when oil was discovered in the Robberson Field in the southwestern part of the county. Over time newer discoveries across the area created drilling, production, and refining jobs for Garvin County.
The Golden Trend pool extended from Lindsay in the northwestern part of the county to Elmore City in the southern section, and geologists discovered gas reserves throughout the county.

Natural Gas

Garvin County currently ranks #6 in Oklahoma for total gas production and currently averages 136,221,673 cubic feet of natural gas in 2021.


Garvin County currently ranks #5 in Oklahoma for oil production and averages 7.5MM BBL of oil in 2021.
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