Oklahoma AG Targets Winter Energy Market Manipulation

Oklahoma, Natural Gas

In Oklahoma, Attorney General Gentner Drummond is intent on continuing his mission to hold energy companies accountable for the significant price surges witnessed during the 2021 winter storm. The Attorney General’s office has recently announced the establishment of a new tipline, inviting individuals to share any insights or information regarding potential market manipulation during this critical period.

This initiative by Drummond’s office is a strategic move to uncover and gather detailed information about any market manipulation or other questionable activities that could have contributed to the artificially inflated prices of natural gas during the storm.

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The focus on collecting such data aligns with Drummond’s ongoing efforts to confront and challenge the actions of several natural gas marketers. These entities are suspected of exploiting the extreme winter weather conditions in 2021 to hike oil and gas prices unfairly.

In a bold statement made on Tuesday, Drummond reaffirmed his dedication to this cause, emphasizing, “As attorney general, I am committed to holding accountable bad actors and to return what was taken from ratepayers.” This commitment reflects a strong resolve to pursue legal action against those responsible for the pricing irregularities, which could potentially lead to one of the largest lawsuits in Oklahoma’s history. Drummond’s proactive approach aims not only to bring justice to those who may have manipulated the market but also to ensure that the citizens of Oklahoma are safeguarded from similar occurrences in the future, thereby upholding the integrity of the state’s energy sector.

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