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Oklahoma Weekly Report – May 8, 2017

Oseberg generated the following weekly report, which covers activity in Oklahoma for the week of May 8, 2017. This is a 30 day lookback, which we update every week.

Highlights from this week:

  • Don’t sleep on the panhandle: the assignments from that Merit acquisition we highlighted last week hit this week boosting them to the top of the leasing list.
  • Antioch Energy (co-founders Nathaniel Harding and Kevin Dunnington) are continuing to build their position as they approach 500 leases taken in the last month.
  • Citizen Energy continues its expansion in the Merge area with 22 spacings, pushing the bigger operators Continental, Newfield, Devon, Marathon and Cimarex for the most spacings in the state.
  • Fresh off the heels of strong first quarter results, Chesapeake Energy comes big with 46 completions in the last 30 days.

Fun additional data for this week’s report:
Check out these operators and their times to completion. This is just a quick glance at how long, on average, it takes these operators to complete a well once the permit is approved (Approval Date on the Permit to the Completion Date on the Completion Form):

  • Chesapeake Energy Corporation: 108 days
  • Devon Energy: 185 days
  • Citation Oil and Gas: 93 days
  • Apache Corporation: 102 days
  • Sandridge Energy: 89 days

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