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OsebergThe data here is provided courtesy of  Oseberg, a next-generation oil & gas information and data analytics company that offers a compelling new approach to rapidly convert public regulatory and county-level data into actionable intelligence. Oseberg aggregates the most inaccessible state, federal, and county records and delivers them to its users through a suite of all-encompassing B2B SaaS products. Oseberg’s technology reduces weeks and months of work to days and hours, empowering users to rapidly uncover leasing, drilling, enhanced completion, and acquisition opportunities.

  • RedSky has leased only in McClain county the past 60 days.
  • Newfield, the number one operator in terms of completion filings, has filed 50% more completions than Continental, the second most active operator.
  • This week is the 5th week in a row that Continental has topped our list of most spacing apps and orders filed in the past 30 days.
  • The Merge continues to be one of the hottest areas in Oklahoma for pooling activity.
  • EOG doubled the number of pooling applications filed week-over-week, primarily in the Merge.
  • Koda Operating has acquired 273 wells from Range Resources, primarily in Kay and Noble counties.
  • Roan Resources, the number one applicant in terms of increased density filings, has shot up the rankings with their focus on the Merge.
  • Devon Energy has filed more than double the number of intents to drill in the STACK since last week.

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