Roan Resources Permanently Shuts Down Grady County Well After Earthquake

Roan Victory Slide Well

A well operated by Roan Resources, LLC in township 9N-5W of Grady County, Oklahoma has been permanently shut down after an earthquake near Bridge Creek Sunday night.  Based on our research we believe this was the Victory Slide 22-27-9-5 2XH unit.  According to the Oklahoma Geological Survey, the temblor struck the town of Bridge Creek, in Grady County, at 6:53 p.m.  The town is about 30 miles southwest of Oklahoma City.

Roan Resources well causes earthquake in Grady County near Bridge Creek area

Data provided by Oseberg

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s (OCC) Oil and Gas Division said Monday Roan Resources has decided to permanently shut down the operation.  This is the first time in Oklahoma that a well during its frac has had to close permanently due to an earthquake.

According news9.com many people in the area reported damage to their homes.  Residents up to several miles away have reported damage from foundation to ceiling.

“It looks like it did go through the brick here, here, and here. Looks like it kind of stopped right there,” said Don Cocannouer as he pointed to cracks in his Bridge Creek home.  Concannouer says the cracks were not there before Sunday. His house has been in his family for decades. He says they’ve never had any issues until the fracking started just a couple hundred feet away.  “They moved this one in and that’s when it all started,” Concannouer said.

That was about two weeks ago, and the Corporation Commission says they have been working with Roan Resources for most of that time.  “What makes the Bridge Creek area different is this is the first time we have tried various techniques. The operator has tried various techniques that worked elsewhere in mitigating the risk of an earthquake, it has not worked there,” said OCC spokesman Matt Skinner.

Skinner says Roan Resources even went beyond OCC protocol to try and stop the earthquakes including temporarily shutting down operations to try and relieve the pressure.  However, after Sunday’s 3.4 magnitude earthquake, the Corporation Commission took immediate action and told the operator to cease all operations until they could gather more information.

Skinner says the epicenter of the earthquake was within a mile of the frac site. OCC protocol calls for a shutdown if there is a 3.0 magnitude earthquake within 5 miles.  Skinner also says because of this, they may change their protocol moving forward. He also says it is vitally important for people to visit the OGS website to report earthquakes.

9N-5W is a township that has seen aggressive horizontal development and mineral buying activity over the last few years.  With Roan deciding to permanently shut this operation down, we are unsure of how aggressive both operators and mineral buyers will continue to be without OCC clarity on potential new protocol.  Stay tuned, as Roan and the OCC release more information we will keep you informed.

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