Shale Drilling Is Plunging, But Chesapeake Stock Still Seems Like A Good Bet

Chesapeake energy

Story By Zoltan Ban. |Seeking Alpha| Investment thesis: Chesapeake (NASDAQ:CHK) seems like a very obvious bet as the US competes for dominance of the global LNG market, on the back of rising shale gas production. Chesapeake’s production is predominantly shale gas, while its Haynesville acreage directly

Chesapeake stock and other financial metrics

Seeking Alpha


US rig count Baker Hughes

US rig count (Trading Economics)


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Chesapeake production by field, rigs decline, and production decline going forward. Shale


US HH natural gas spot price



Chesapeake Marcellus Shale acreage



Chesapeake Haynesville shale acreage



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