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Texas RRC Imposes Heavy Penalties

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On a decisive Wednesday at the Commissioners’ Conference, the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) executed its regulatory duties with vigor, issuing fines totaling $1,388,044. This action spanned across 316 enforcement dockets directed at various entities within the state’s oil and gas industry, highlighting the Commission’s unwavering commitment to oversight and enforcement of industry practices and pipeline safety within the state.

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In a notable display of enforcement, the Commission imposed penalties in the sum of $710,678 across 57 dockets due to the failure of operators to make required appearances at Commission enforcement proceedings. Such noncompliance triggered the issuance of Master Default Orders, detailed records of which are maintained and made available for public scrutiny on the RRC’s Hearings Division webpage.

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The RRC’s actions also included orders for operators to rectify compliance failures, aligning operations with

the Commission’s regulations. In these instances, fines of $139,166 were assessed for violations across a spectrum of areas, including standard oil and gas operations, LP-Gas handling, critical infrastructure management, and adherence to pipeline safety protocols.

Pipeline operators and excavators found to be in violation of the Commission’s Pipeline Damage Prevention rules were fined a collective $538,200.00. These stringent rules are in place to avert damage to pipelines, which is a critical component in preventing environmental damage and ensuring the safety of the public.

Comprehensive records of these compliance agreements and penalties are encapsulated in the Master Agreed Orders, which are made available to the public on the RRC General Counsel webpage. These documents are a testament to the Commission’s transparent operations and its serious approach to regulatory enforcement.

Through these fines and orders, the Railroad Commission of Texas reaffirms its position as a diligent steward of Texas’ natural resources and infrastructure, upholding the law to ensure the safe, environmentally responsible development and use of the state’s oil and gas resources. The firm actions taken during the Commissioners’ Conference serve as a reminder of the RRC’s pivotal role in maintaining the integrity of the energy sector within Texas.

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