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Warning: This article is going to deal in facts.

FACT: Give politicians a crisis to exploit and you will have less freedom than you did before. Guaranteed. The US has experienced a severe shock to its system (clearly an understatement). However, Americans by definition desire and crave freedom (See the US Constitution) so friction is developing. Lockdowns have proven to be harmful in many ways and will have an effect on our society for years to come. The current crop of politicians has exploited the pandemic to try and turn us into subjects that need their permission to exercise our God-given right to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The majority party sees Europe as a model for the United States. A top-down model with a central government essentially decides how you will live your life by deciding winners and losers and printing money for the masses.

Let’s examine a couple of facts. The median household income in the US is ~ $ 65,000.00. The median household income in the UK is ~ $38,000.00. A gallon of gas in the US is around $ 2.70. In the UK, that same gallon costs $ 5.79. Oh, I almost forgot about the Value Added Tax aka VAT. The VAT tax in the UK is 20%. The Jag you wanna buy isn’t $70K, you have to add 20%, so it’s really $84K. When you hear the “free health care” talking point, think VAT. FACT: There are NO free lunches and America is the envy of the world. Why would we hold Europe up as a goal? They’re in our rearview mirror!

The current administration wants less oil and gas (see Keystone Pipeline) and more “green” stuff ( I can’t come to any other conclusion). That being said, our politicians still need fuel to jet out to Iceland to lecture the world on the evils of fossil fuels. FACT:  Airplanes are unable to fly without fuel so there’s that.

In my last article published 6 months ago, I said Oil and Gas will rebound. It has. 

FACT: Our world doesn’t run on wind turbines (8% of all energy except when it gets really cold and then that number goes to 0, nada). The modern world runs on 95 million barrels of oil per day and 90 Billion cubic feet of gas per day.

Our guest contributor Eric Hawkins Co-Founded MayHawk Energy, LLC in 2007, and is a local to Norman, OK, and a veteran in the oil and gas business. 

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