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County Fun Fact

McClain County is located in central Oklahoma. As of the 2010 census, the population was 34,506. The county seat of McClain County is Purcell, OK. It was named for Charles M. McClain, an Oklahoma constitutional convention attendee.

McClain County Oklahoma Map

McClain County currently ranks #4 in Oklahoma for oil production with 6.7MM BBL of oil produced in 2021.

McClain County Clerk's Office

All McClain County, OK land records and data are available to the general public.

How to Search McClain County Records

It isn’t free, but with an online connection, you can access the website OKCountyRecords.com and run a limited search for McClain County Oklahoma records, such as an oil and gas lease or deed, mining leases, mineral deeds, transfer on death deeds, look for buyers of minerals, or a specific owner who recently sold mineral rights. In searching for anything filed in the Oklahoma McClain County Clerks office, the main limitation is that the online data is indexed only back to June 1993 and scanned images back to the same date.

With respect to records filed prior in the county, as owners of properties, mineral rights, or other interests, and to view leases and deeds, you will need to visit the county seat, the fine city of Purcell located in the Sooner State to review the records and get any copies which your lands or estate may be subject to.

Residents may contact the Office of the Clerk for questions about:

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Oklahoma McClain County Oil and Gas Information

Oil and Gas History

Beginning in the early twentieth century drillers began testing for oil and gas deposits. In 1975 the county produced 3,251,509 barrels of crude oil and 9,380,918 million cubic feet (mcf) of natural gas.

The crude oil output increased to 4,144,597 barrels in 1985, but the natural gas decreased to 5,862,313 mcf. In 2000 crude oil production was down to 3,251,509 barrels, and natural gas was up to 9,380,918 mcf. In 2001 Duke Energy North America built a power plant (which it sold to NRG Energy, Inc., that year) near Newcastle.

Natural Gas

McClain County currently ranks #16 in Oklahoma for total gas production with 36,111,683 cubic feet of natural gas produced in 2021.


McClain County currently ranks #4 in Oklahoma for oil production with 6.7MM BBL of oil produced in 2021.

Major Oil and Gas Fields in McClain County, Oklahoma

The Golden Trend Oil Field in McClain and portions of Garvin and Grady Counties is a giant field that has been extensively studied and drilled since the first well was drilled back in the 1940’s. Earlier oil production from the giant Golden Trend field was largely from several overlapping Pennsylvanian stratigraphic traps, and has been productive in zones at many levels in the hydrocarbon column since that time.

Now located within the SCOOP boundary, the venerable Golden Trend of Garvin County and McClain Counties has once again regained prominence, yielding highly productive wells in deeper, horizontal wells producing from the Hunton, Sycamore, Springer and Woodford formations.

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