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County Fun Fact

Pittsburg County is located in southeastern Oklahoma. As of the 2010 census, the population was 45,837. The county seat of Pittsburg County is McAlester, OK. The county was formed from part of the Choctaw Nation in Indian Territory in 1907.

Pittsburg County Oklahoma Map

Pittsburg County currently ranks #64 in Oklahoma for oil production.

Pittsburg County Clerk's Office

All Pittsburg County, OK land records and data are available to the general public.

How to Search Pittsburg County Records

It isn’t free, but with an online connection, you can access the website OKCountyRecords.com and run a limited search for Pittsburg County Oklahoma records, such as an oil and gas lease or deed, mining leases, mineral deeds, transfer on death deeds, look for buyers of minerals, or a specific owner who recently sold mineral rights. In searching for anything filed in the Oklahoma Pittsburg County Clerks office, the main limitation is that the online data is indexed only back to August 1989 and scanned images back to January 1993.

With respect to records filed prior in the county, as owners of properties, mineral rights, or other interests, and to view leases and deeds, you will need to visit the county seat, the fine city of McAlester located in the Sooner State to review the records and get any copies which your lands or estate may be subject to.

Residents may contact the Office of the Clerk for questions about:

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Oklahoma Pittsburg County Oil and Gas Information

Oil and Gas History

Beginning in the early 1900’s oil production spurred economic development in the county. Wildcatters have tested county oil and gas wells since the turn of the twentieth century.

Oilmen such as Wirt Franklin, P. A. Chapman, Robert Hefner, Sr., and Lloyd Noble benefited from the rich Healdton Field, which opened in 1913. Hewitt, Fox, and other county oil fields contributed to the development of Ardmore as an important refining and oil center. Carter County is also home to The Healdton Oil Museum which is located in Healdton, OK.

Natural Gas

Pittsburg County currently ranks #7 in Oklahoma for total gas production with 385,069,16 cubic feet of natural gas produced in 2021.


Pittsburg County currently ranks #64 in Oklahoma for oil production with 1,719 BBL of oil produced in 2021.

Major Oil and Gas Fields in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma


After the Civil war and prior to statehood in 1907 the area was sought after for its rich coal deposits, which attracted railroads. In 1887 a report for the Commissioner to Indian Affairs estimated the Choctaw Nation coal production at six hundred thousand tons, with many of the mines in present Pittsburg County.

During 1927 Coal and Pittsburg Counties attracted unusual attention from the major oil producing companies. This interest was due to the activities of The Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Company which attempted to develop or or gas production on the Coalgate anticline.

The early discoveries were shallow gas and the Pine Hollow and South Ashland fields located in Pittsburg and Coal Counties, Oklahoma, established a combined reserve exceeding 200 bcf of gas from the Hartshorne Sandstone of early Desmoinesian (Pennsylvanian) age, which is the producing zone at a depth of 4,000 ft.


Pittsburg County is located in Southeastern Oklahoma in the Arkoma Basin. As of June 2022 there are approximately 2400 active, producing wells in the county and those active wells have produced a cumulative total of 4+Tcf of natural gas. There are 68 fields spread across the county and the top 5 gas fields are Pine Hollow South, Wilburton, Kinta, Quinton District and Reams Northwest.

There are 73 companies operating these 2400 active wells, Except for XTO Energy, a subsidiary of ExxonMobil, the other companies are all mid-size to small operators, with the majors having all moved out of the area years ago. The top 5 operators by production totals are Trinity Operating, Merit Energy, Mustang Fuel, XTO Energy and BRG Petroleum.

There are 920+ active producing horizontal wells in the county now with about 600 producing from the Woodford formation (the biggest producing formation in the county) and about 300 from the Hartshorne.

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